Macomb County Child Custody Disputes

The Best Interest of Your Child(ren) is Paramount

Divorces with minor children have the unfortunate potential to become extremely toxic.  In a child custody dispute, a very thorough examination of the history and the individual relationship of each parent and the child must be explored to properly gauge your legal options.  Every case is unique and it is important to not only know your position on the issue, but also to get some understanding of what your spouse thinks is in your child’s best interest and perhaps more importantly, why.

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Knowing Your Options Is Key to Fighting for Your Children

The Macomb County Circuit Court has many options for families in a custody dispute during a divorce.  The Macomb County Friend of the Court has a child custody and parenting time investigator team whose job it is to first attempt to facilitate your dispute and suggest possible resolutions to the issue.  If facilitation is unsuccessful, the case is transferred to another investigator who will investigate the parties and their situation from scratch.  The child(ren) will be interviewed at this point.  From there that investigator will issue a recommendation based on their findings.

Either party can object to this recommendation is they are not happy with it.    At that point the matter will be scheduled for an hearing in front of a referee.  This is where witnesses may be called.  The focus at the hearing is to determine what custody arrangement is in the best interest of the child.

If after the hearing a party is not happy with the recommendation, the matter will be set for trial.  The judge’s opinion is final unless it is appealed to the Michigan Court of Appeals.

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