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When you are issued a traffic ticket, it is oftentimes a civil infraction or a misdemeanor. A civil infraction carries a monetary fine. Misdemeanor

Traffic offenses are punishable with a fine and up to one year of incarceration. Most civil infractions and misdemeanors are reported to

the Michigan Secretary of State, where the corresponding points are added to a divers’ record.

Traffic related offenses are usually addressed in the district court where the stop occurred. While the Secretary of State assesses license

sanctions or points related to each traffic violation. The district court has some discretion in setting the fees that may be assessed.

For example, Sterling Heights and Shelby Township District Courts follow the below fee schedule.

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The attorneys at Michigan Law Services, PLLC routinely assist clients with traffic tickets and related violations throughout the State of Michigan, including:

By successfully negotiating a resolution of a traffic violation, the driver may be able to avoid points on their license and excessive fines. For more information, call Michigan Law Services, PLLC at (586) 991-1SUE (1783). We make the law work for you. Our goal is to defend your rights, every step of the way.

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