Frequently Asked Questions

We are here for our clients during
their most difficult times

The attorneys and staff at Michigan Law Services, PLLC have dedicated their careers to helping people find and implement legal solutions to their current circumstance.  We do so in a tough yet compassionate manner with one thing in mind, your most favorable outcome. Whether you are contemplating divorce, charged with a criminal offense or planning your estate we stand firmly next to you and make sure that the matter is handled with your best interest in mind.

How Do I File For Divorce?

A divorce is not unlike any other civil dispute in court. They all start out with filing a summons and a complaint with the circuit court. The summons informs the Defendant that an action has been filed and that he/she only has a certain number of days (depending on the method of service) to take action on the matter. The complaint is a document which sets out factual and jurisdictional allegations. The complaint is also the document used to request what you would like from the court.

How Much Does It Cost To Hire A Family/divorce/custody Lawyer?

At Michigan Law Services, PLLC we have a strong commitment to providing affordable yet comprehensive legal representation. We do not have a cookie cutter set retainer fee because each case is unique. Unlike many law firms who won’t even think about handling any matter without a huge retainer fee, we will take the time to listen to you and make sure that the most cost efficient representation is provided. We know client’s are not made out of money.

I Am Interested In Starting A Divorce/custody/support Action And Want To Handle It Myself. Should I?

Free! We are proud to be one of a dwindling number of firms that still offer free consultations on family matters. At a consultation, you will meet with an attorney who will get some background on your case. From there, we will discuss legal options and answer any questions you may have about the case.

Do you offer payment plan options?

Yes! Our payment plan policy is simple, we require 50% down (plus any filing fees) and the remaining balance can be spread out over a set amount of payments based on the balance remaining. And the best part is there is no financing fees or interest on the payment plan!

Remaining Balance

Number Of Payments

I’ve been charged with a crime, what should I do now?

What is Drivers License Restoration

One complicating factor in this process is that judges do not have control over the driver’s license suspension or restrictions resulting from an original case; which may involve entirely separate penalties for offenses such as:

  • OWI(impaired, intoxicated or drunk driving)
  • Driving while your license is suspended
  • Drug possession or other drug crimes
  • Failure to resolve traffic tickets or pay court-assessed fines

Get the Power of Legal Protection

In uncertain times, facing even more uncertain outcomes, you need someone to protect YOU. In representing our clients, our lawyers make it a priority to provide dedicated legal services at reasonable rates.
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