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Michigan Law Services, PLLC is a full service law firm in the heart of Macomb County, MI dedicated to providing our clients with the best legal representation in family law, criminal law, probate and other legal matters.

Criminal Defense Lawyers Focused On Protecting
Our Clients Every Day

The criminal defense lawyers at Michigan Law Services, PLLC are dedicated to defending clients charged with felonies, misdemeanors and civil infractions throughout the State of Michigan. We appear with clients in court everyday to ensure that their rights are protected.
In criminal matters, we look at the charges and the facts and determine what is the most advantageous course of action for our client. Your future will not be jeopardized without a strong fight.

Criminal Defense Attorneys ready to defend you if you have been charged with a:

Sumner & Associates, P.C. Has Expert Attorneys With Experience At Helping Clients And

Providing Excellent Service



Traffic Violation

Probation Violation

Drunk Driving Offenses

The L.e.g.e.n.d. Method: Our Approach To
Defending Our Clients

Your freedom, opportunities and financial stability are put in jeopardy when you are being charged with a crime. This is why we have

developed a proven system we call the L.E.G.E.N.D. Method. By applying this method to our clients’ cases, we ensure that we deliver the best

outcome possible. We are here to protect our clients.

We Provide A Shield For Our Client’s Battle

When charged with a crime, your world can turn upside down. The prospects of jail or prison time is an awful thought for anyone.

Let us take over and defend you during this battle. We stand with our clients every day to make sure that

their freedom is never risked.

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Get the Power of Legal Protection

In uncertain times, facing even more uncertain outcomes, you need someone to protect YOU. In representing our clients, our lawyers make it a priority to provide dedicated legal services at reasonable rates.
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