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Highly Experienced Child Support Attorneys

Establishing Child Support

The Michigan Child Support Formula (MCSF) is used to determine a parent’s child support obligation. Courts throughout the State of Michigan utilize the MCSF to determine the appropriate amount of support. The MCSF takes into account factors such as:

It is crucial to have the right attorney for your child support case.  We are attorneys who practice on the cutting edge of the law.

Our attorneys have years of experience handling child support matters in child custody and divorce proceedings.  Having the right

lawyer by your side can have a tremendous impact on your support determination.

We Know The Law And How To Apply It To Your
Child Support Matter

An experienced family law attorney will be able to use the facts of your case and determine the appropriate dollar amount of support. We use our resources and experience to make sure that commonly used tricks such as voluntary reductions in income are handled properly.

Our firm as earned the trust of clients for years in dealing with support related issues. Experience, knowledge and trust get results.

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