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Our clients are like family. Because of this, we will always be there for them no matter. Here is just a

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Mr. Vera has been my attorney through a divorce and now a custody case. He has helped me get through both of these events with ease. He's very knowledgeable and direct when offering the best approach for my situation.
He returns calls promptly and is very accommodating to my schedule.
He also makes time to answer any and all questions I may have and is even there to give comforting words of reassurance during the stressful court process. I trust Mr. Vera and would recommend him to anyone who is seeking a passionate attorney!

Posted by Candace


I can honestly say that I have and continue to face one of the worst "domestic violence" cases (so I've been told) in Southwestern Michigan. Mr. Vera has been open, honest, and willing to face the challenges that have been and continue to be presented within this "tedious" court case. He is empathetic, sincere, and honest in his legal counsel and practice. His diligence in working on this very "burdensome case" can only lead to one conclusion; Mr. Vera has an extreme passion for justice being served . He has demonstrated, over an extensive period of time, that his clients will not be underrepresented. He goes "above and beyond" to ensure that his clients are represented and revered with the upmost dignity and with the highest potential! I highly recommend Mr. Vera as an attorney! He is understanding to the specific needs of individual cases, he is compassionate, and willing to face all challenges he is presented with. All the while being your very best advocate in and out of the courtroom. It has been my experience that he is willing to go the "extra mile" to ensure that your "voice" is heard; even when you may feel that no-one else is listening. Without a doubt, he is dedicated and knowledgeable to all of his clients; ensuring that they are represented to the highest degree of legal counsel possible. Regardless of the outcome of my personal case, I would and will continue to highly recommend Mr. Vera as an attorney! This is large in part to do with the fact that Mr. Vera does not need to practice law in my personal "region" of Michigan. Not only for this reason but several others, it is my personal opinion, that when Mr. Vera accepts a case his will and determination is given wholeheartedly to your case. He is dedicated to representing your best interests and all those that may be involved within your case! He always addresses these issues with his clients and your personal concerns are always taken to heart!

Posted by Candace


Mr. Vera has handled mutiple cases on my behalf. My divorce proceedings didn't net me the exact results that I was after, but that was to be expected since I was asking for the moon and stars. With that said, the results were more than satisfactory, and ended significantly more in my favor than would have been expected with all the cards stacked against me.

Phillip has also helped me with a legal altercation that I'd rather not go into, but again, things turned out better than they were expected to, and leaps and bounds better than they would have, had he not been in my corner.

I'm so impressed with his work that I will be hiring him again for a case I'm opening to alter my custody agreement with my ex-wife regarding me taking our child out of the country for months at a time. I have all the faith in the world that Mr. Vera will net me similar results allowing me to pursue my international goals.

I highly recommend Phillip Vera to anyone in need of legal council of any nature.

Posted by Candace

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