Powers of Attorney

Powers of Attorney

Typically our office receives calls inquiring about Last Wills and Testaments or Trusts.  However, prospective clients typically do not inquire about Powers of Attorney.  These documents can cover two different areas: health care decisions and legal decisions. Both documents are important.

Powers of Attorney are effective during a person’s lifetime.  In the event a person needs assistance with legal and or medical decisions the document will name the person selected to help make these decisions.

Without valid Powers of Attorney, family members typically need to petition the Probate Court for an appointment as guardian or conservator.

Ease of Mind at the Most Difficult of Times

Often times family members will disagree on the medical care or legal decisions that need to be made for a loved one. By executing a Power of Attorney, the author is selecting the person he or she wishes to make these decisions. This can often times help calm family disputes, knowing that a family member has put thought into who he or she has nominated.

Attorneys Laura Marji and Philip Vera routinely assist clients with the preparation of Powers of Attorney, Last Will and Testaments, and Trusts. Call, click or tap Michigan Law Services, PLLC for a free comprehensive estate plan consultation.

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